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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SOCIAL STUDIED IN TOURISM   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 6 , Number 12 ; Page(s) 145 To 172.

Sociological Analysis of Factors Influencing Destination Loyalty

Author(s):  GHAHREMAN ARASH*, Azamkaree Faeze, Effati Somaye
* Department of Sociology of Tourism, Institute for Tourism Research, ACECR/ Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran
This paper is a part of a survey. It applies structural equal modeling techniques to analyze factors that influence tourism destination loyalty. The approach was “ Tourism as a customer. ” The customer buys leisure services from the provider and the destination. One model in this approach is the European Customer Satisfaction Index. Based on this model, variables influencing the loyalty of tourists to the host community are not just the service provided by the host community. Rather, loyalty is correlated to the image of the destination, and the related expectations of that image. The statistical population was the families and parents of the martyrs in Mashhad. The sample included 400 cases selected by stratified sampling. Based on regression coefficients, perceived value and perceived quality were factors that influenced trip satisfaction. The final model of path analysis showed perceived value and perceived quality influenced trip satisfaction. Perceived quality impacted life satisfaction both directly and indirectly. We considered this perceived value as a mediate variable. Perceived quality leads to a positive evaluation of travel achievement, and it increases trip satisfaction.
Keyword(s): religious tourism,destination loyalty,trip satisfaction,Structural Equation Modeling
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