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Journal:   CASPIAN JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES   April 2019 , Volume 5 , Number 2 (17); Page(s) 56 To 65.

Relationship of Perceived Parenting Styles with Self-Control Capacity and Affective Self-Regulation among Delinquent Adolescents

Author(s):  REZAEI SAJJAD*, PourHadi Shadi, Shabahang Reza
* Department of Psychology, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran
Background: The type of parent’ s child rearing and the perception of problems by adolescents are one of the important reasons for the formation of inappropriate behavior and delinquency in adolescents. Objectives: The purpose of the present study was to determine the relationship of perceived parenting styles with self-control capacity and affective self-regulation among delinquent adolencents. Materials & Methods: The research type was descriptive-correlational. The population of this study included all delinquent adolescents (N=94) from the Guilan Provincial Reconstruction and Upbringing Center and temporary detention centers in 2017-2018. Seventy-three adolescents were selected and completed the Parenting Style Inventory (PSI), Tangney Self-Control Scale (TSCS) and Measure of Affect Regulation Styles (MARS). The data were processed using Pearson correlation coefficient and stepwise multiple regression analyses by SPSS V. 22 software. Results: Regression analysis indicated that authoritative parenting style positively (β =0. 906, P<0. 001) and authoritarian parenting style negatively (β =-0. 537, P<0. 001) 38% of the changes were predicted in the SCS among delinquent adolencents (F=20. 511. P<0. 001). Also, the authoritative parenting style negatively (β =-0. 641, P<0. 001) 41% of the changes were predicted in the MARS among delinquent adolencents (F=47. 543, P<0. 001). The permissive parenting style was not statistically significant in any of the regression analyses (P>0. 05). Conclusion: Parenting styles have an effective role in the emergence and inhibition of delinquent behavior. It seems that authoritarian and authoritative parenting styles respectively play a role in improving and weakening self-control capacity and affective self-regulation in delinquent behavior among adolencents boys.
Keyword(s): Self-control,Affect,Juvenile Delinquency,Parenting,Adolescent
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