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Journal:   ROSHD-E-FANAVARI   FALL 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 56 #r00463; Page(s) 56 To 62.

Identify and Prioritize the Factors Affecting the Success of Knowledge-Based Industries

One of the tools for knowledge management is the creation of knowledge-based companies that play a very important role in the countries’ economic development. In fact, a knowledge-based company is a private or cooperative company or institution whose purpose is to create and expand the combination of science and wealth and the development of a knowledge-based economy, which result is the creation of wealth and the development of the economy through the expansion and application of invention and innovation through the commercialization of research and development activities. Given the importance and impact of knowledge-based industries in the current economy, this study will identify and prioritize factors affecting the success of these industries. In order to identify these factors, literature and current research were collected and written. Then, by distributing the questionnaire among the managers and experts of the companies present in the science and technology park of Guilan province, the most important factors were identified. In the next step, according to the obtained information, another questionnaire was developed that measured the criteria by using a pair comparison. DEMATEL method has been used to rank the identified factors, and due to the uncertainty in experts' opinions, evaluation is done in a fuzzy environment. As a result of the evaluation, it was found that environmental factors play the most important role in the growth and development of knowledge-based companies. Among the sub-criteria of environmental factors, government policies, tax exemptions and customs were identified as the most effective factors in the success of knowledge-based companies. Therefore, it is imperative that the senior decision makers provide incentives and regulations to create a suitable business environment.
Keyword(s): Knowledge-based Industries,Science and Technology Parks,DEMATEL,Fuzzy,Uncertainty,Commercialization of Knowledge
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