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Journal:   ROSHD-E-FANAVARI   FALL 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 56 #r00463; Page(s) 49 To 55.

Improving the Productivity of Knowledge Transfer to Organizations: Case Study

Nowadays, knowledge is one of the greatest competitive advantages of organizations in the global economy and it is the most important factor in creating value in organizations. Therefor, it is imperative for any organization to acquire the knowledge needs. Organizational resource constraints do now allow the acquisition of all knowledge needs at the same time, therefore, by valuing and prioritizing the knowledge needs, one can act in such a way that the limited organizational resources were initially devoted to the most essential knowledge needs, thus benefiting from the resources in the best way. Accordingly, in the proposed model in this paper, after identifying all the industry’ s knowledge, the knowledge requirements of the organization under study are extracted and according to the organization’ s goals and conditions, suitable criteria, the required knowledge is prioritized. The SWOT Matrix is applied for knowledge need assessment. A case study has been carried out in the pottery industry and the results of its implementation have been investigated in a pottery workshop. The results of the need assessment led to the selection of 10 knowledge from 24 pottery industry knowledge which were valued by selecting five criteria and three sub-criteria and ranked according to their importance.
Keyword(s): Knowledge Transfer,Valuation,Case Study,Pottery Industry,Productivity
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