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Journal:   ROSHD-E-FANAVARI   FALL 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 56 ; Page(s) 33 To 40.

The Impacts of Business Intelligence, Customer and Loyalty Satisfaction and Brand Value in Iran Hygienic and Cellulose Industry

Today organizations are working in an environment in which has uncertainty because of competition in the market. So, the organizations will get success which make their customers loyal by business intelligence and customer satisfaction and finally help to increase their brand value. The aim of this research is considering the relationships between business intelligence, customer relationships and loyalty and brand value in hygienic and cellulose industry of Iran. Evaluation of each variable is a kind of decision making problem in which has internal systematic interactions between variables. So, we can use DEMATEL technique in FUZZY conditions for cause and effect relationships between variables. We benefit the ideas of 10 experts in cellulose and hygienic industry for considering the relationships between variables. The results show that there are systemic and network relation between research variables. Also, the results show that there is a two tailed relation between business intelligence and brand special value and customer satisfaction. Also, based on research results, customer satisfaction effects on loyalty, business intelligent and brand special value.
Keyword(s): Business Intelligence,Customer Satisfaction,Customer Loyalty,Brand Value,Hygienic and Cellulose Industry
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