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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES (J.C.S.)   fall 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 50 ; Page(s) 167 To 196.

A Structural Analysis of the Components of Clinical Education in Educating and Preparing Students at Teacher Education University

Author(s):  Rastegari N., MOSAPOUR N., NATEGHI F.
The purpose of this paper is structural analysis of the components of clinical education in the teaching of students of the University of Farhangian University. For this purpose, a descriptive method was used to collect information from the statistical community of the teachers of Farhangian University. A sample of 123 people using a questionnaire for obtaining information It turned out The validity of the scale of this scale was obtained by Cronbach's alpha coefficient (0. 87). Structural equation modeling was used to analyze the information using the software of Imus (version 24). The results of structural equation analysis showed that the results of structural equation modeling confirming the fit of the model showed that each of the eleven components had a significant effect on the implementation of clinical education in the education and preparation of students of science, and among the influential components, "Creating an interactive educational environment" It has the greatest impact on the implementation of clinical education, and other variables are important in the next stages.
Keyword(s): Clinical education,Clinical judgment,Diagnostic interventional intervention,Student,Clinical supervision
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