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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES (J.C.S.)   fall 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 50 ; Page(s) 107 To 138.

Design of the Expected Competencies Framework For art teachers (Elementary and secondary Grade) in Bachelor of Arts Education

Author(s):  Mahdizadeh tehrani A., ASSAREH A.*, MEHRMOHAMMADI M., EMAM JOMEH M.R.
The purpose of this study is to achieve the expected qualifications of graduate students in arts education. To reach this goal, mixed research approach was used. To collect information, using a targeted sampling method and reaching the theoretical saturation limit, a sample of 15 Professionals in the field of art and curriculum was selected and a qualitative semi-structured interview was conducted with them. In the second part (Quantitative), the participation of 15 experienced art teachers was assisted in weighting and categorizing the qualifications. Collected data was analyzed and coded by Q analysis method. The findings of this study indicate the expected qualifications of graduate students in the field of art education at four levels, in a spiral system, and compare these qualifications with the teacher qualification system introduced by Kohler (2006) and Mehrmohammadi (1392). The findings of this study, which can be used in various stages of curriculum development based on the expected competencies of art education graduates, also provide a comprehensive perspective on what should be achieved during the Bachelor of Arts education.
Keyword(s): Framework design,Conceptual Framework,Teacher competency,undergraduate degree,art education,art teacher training
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