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Journal:   WATER ENGINEERING   winter 2019 , Volume 11 , Number 39 ; Page(s) 73 To 86.

Evaluation of water delivery performance indicators at end of left bank canal in Doroodzan irrigation system

Author(s):  Shafiee Behrooz, shahrokhnia mohammad ali
Water delivery performance of irrigation and drainage networks in Iran is not in the acceptable situation. Evaluation of irrigation and drainage systems is important to increase their performance and decrease their related problems. In the present study, some performance indicators were assessed and evaluated at the end of left bank canal in Doroodzan irrigation network. Performance indicators such as adequacy, efficiency, equity, dependability, and delivery performance ratio were used for the evaluation. Results showed that the equity and dependability indicator values were about 0. 42 and 0. 31, respectively, which categorized in the poor class. The adequacy and efficiency indicator values were 0. 87 and 0. 75, respectively, which categorized in the fair class. About half of the studied canals had a good water delivery adequacy and efficiency, while the others had fair or poor delivery performances. The average value of delivery performance ratio for the studied canals was 1. 27, which showed that 27% of delivered water was excess. Delivered water in 8 canals out of 16 canals were more than intended, while in 5 canals were lower than the intended values. The 3 rest canals received intended water.
Keyword(s): Irrigation adequacy,equity,efficiency,dependability
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