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Journal:   TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT   winter 2018 , Volume 6 , Number 4 #a00490; Page(s) 139 To 159.

The analysis of the status for handicrafts’ supply chain participants in Qeshm Island using Social Network Analysis (SNA)

This paper aims at investigating the inter-relationship network of handicrafts supply chain participants in Qeshm Island, with respect to the power and status of them in the networks. To this end, six inter-relationship networks, including the inter-relationship network of producers-suppliers, producers-customers, producers-non domestic customers, sellers-producers, sellers-customers, and Chinese producers-sellers of handicrafts in Qeshm Island were depicted and explored. Analysis of the networks was done using Network Analysis Approach (SNA) in Visone software, by calculating four indices including indegree, betweeness, eigenvector centralities, and status. In total, the results showed the appropriate status of speculators and inappropriate status of producers in the networks, which could be a reason for the underdevelopment of handcrafts in Qeshm Island. Accordingly, eliminating speculators can improve the marketing of handicrafts, help producers, and benefit the stakeholders, which in turns, lead to the increased income; however, such a process requires the establishment and development of cooperatives as for the procurement, production and distribution of handicrafts in rural areas. Besides, the research results could be a step to develop, the way with which Social Network indices could be applied in Supply Chain Management Field.
Keyword(s): Handicrafts supply chain,tourism,Network Analysis Approach (SNA),Qeshm Island
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