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Journal:   WATER ENGINEERING   winter 2019 , Volume 11 , Number 39 ; Page(s) 35 To 44.

Finding Potential of Karst Water Resources Using Fuzzy Hierarchical Method (Case Study: Sefidkooh Anticline, Lorestan Province)

Author(s):  baharvand siamak, saroei hamzeh, soori salman
The discovery of underground water resources as a way of providing the drinking water in the world due to increasing necessity of the world to water is necessary and inevitable. This study has been done to identify new water resources in Sefidkooh anticline located in the west of Khorramabad. For this purpose, seven layers of information have been developed including the lithology, compression fractures, drainage density, slope, vegetation, temperature and the height using satellite images, geological maps, topographical maps and information field based on fuzzy method in ArcGIS software environment. After mapping effective factors on finding potential of Karst water resources, these maps were weighted using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), based on their relative importance. To provide map of finding potential of karst water resources, available layers were combined by over lapping method in ArcGIS software a with Raster Calculator modules. Based on the results, there are %12. 3, %22. 62, %27. 79, %23. 91 and %13. 69 of the area in zones with very low, low, medium, high and very high potential, respectively.
Keyword(s): Sefidkooh Anticline,Lorestan Province,Karst,groundwater
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