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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   winter 2018 , Volume 32 , Number 4 (61) ; Page(s) 498 To 508.

Bagasse soda pulping black liquor as surface coating on recycled based paper

Author(s):  JALALI TORSHIZI H.*, Chaalaakeh r.
* Biorefinery Eng. Dept., Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
In this study, the effects of using filtrated black liquor from bagasse soda pulping (BLBSP) for surface coating of recycled paper was studied. Filtrated black liquor with different concentration (30, 37, 44) at the rate of 2. 5 gr. /m2 /side (5 gr. /m2 /side in two passes in case of 44% concentration) was applied on recycled based paper and the properties of the product were determined. The BLBSP filtration improved the paper properties compared to unfiltered, due to separation of impurity and coarse material. Higher concentration and content (in case of 44% concentration) of the applied coatings increased the paper basis weight (up to 44%) and reduced water absorption (to <30%), because of the hydrophobic nature of material in liquor (lignin and minerals). But the optimum treatment with respect to the tensile, burst and tear strength was related to the lowest applied concentration, which are attributed to the easier BLBSP penetration into the paper structure and contribution in fiber bonding. Compression and bending strengths that were increased by the liquor concentration (bending stiffness up to >200% and compressive crush resistance up to >150%). In this regard, film formation, thickening the paper and also the effective role of lignin could be noted in addition to bonding enhancement. Repeated application (in case of 44% concentration) of the BLBSP did not impart any significant improvement of the all properties, and decreased these properties.
Keyword(s): Bagasse,soda black liquor,paper coating
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