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Journal:   CRIMINAL LAW DOCTRINES   fall 2017-winter 2018 , Volume - , Number 14 #g00651; Page(s) 3 To 38.

The Prediction of Domestic Violence against Women and Adopted Strategies according to Its Basis

Author(s):  Gholami Hussein, Barzegar Mehri
domestic violence against women is a concealed, chronic and widespread phenomenon in all human communities and has many harmful effects. For this reason, some investigations have endeavored to predict it to prevent its consequences. This research tries to determine the risky factors in convicted men and women who are victims such as age ratings, the historical, psychological and situational factors. Also, statistical methods with combining the risky factors quantitatively predicate the possibility of the domestic violence committed against women by men. Some of these assessments are: DVSI, ODARA and SARA which help judicial system in some countries to take decision against men who commit the domestic violence against women. With considering international strategies, it has led to change laws to protect women who are victims of the domestic violence. In the comparative study between the laws of the United States and Iran, it is observed that in Iran, in some way, the regulations like article 1115 of the civil code, article 156 of the Islamic penal code in the right of self-defense and Protection of Women Against the domestic Violence Bill imply in some way to predict the domestic violence. But the domestic violence has not been defined, a regulation specifically has not been particularized for it and scientifically, its prediction has not been regarded. While in U. S. A, strategies based on the substantive and procedural laws such as mandatory reporting of domestic violence, announcing the domestic violence being unforgivable, using victims’ supporters, detention and specialized legal proceedings have been predicted.
Keyword(s): The prediction of domestic violence against women,The prevention of domestic violence against women,Violence against women in the laws of Iran and the United States
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