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Journal:   CRIMINAL LAW DOCTRINES   fall 2016-winter 2017 , Volume - , Number 12 ; Page(s) 199 To 218.

The Crime Rhizomatic Prevention; in the Light of the Crime Rhizomatic Commitment

Author(s):  Darabi Shahrdad*
* Qom Azad University
The criminological studies have constantly focused on the etiology of delinquency rather than the prevention as with considering its importance and the value of the crime prevention strategy, the criminal policy makers have usually attempted to invest in this important thing and interrupt the delinquency wave. However, the engineering of the preventive strategies including situational or community-based types with changing in the forms of crimes have taken new conditions. The rhizomatic crime is a concept of anti-centralization which embraces the development of fluid, multiplicity, no-place and occurring chains of crimes in a society; from one side, this phenomenon is as a serious challenge for the criminal policy administrators and from the other side, it confronts against the achievements of the ecology school, therefore; although the strategy of the prevention of the situational crime with the complicated serious of the rhizomatic technological supervisions has been received welcome from countries and at the first looking, in some extent, it is possible to control the rhizomatic crimes, but a main strategy is to use the maximum type of the social prevention which it prevents to form the criminal thinking in the thoughts of the community and protect the community against the phenomenon of the rhizomatic crimes. This note is going to determine the effective prevention strategy with enhancing the citizens’ self-control and personality. This note tries to determine the effective prevention strategy for this problem with examining the aspects and manifestation of the rhizomatic crimes.
Keyword(s): The rhizomatic crimes,The criminal policy,The technological situational prevention,Social prevention,Self-control
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