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Journal:   CRIMINAL LAW DOCTRINES   fall 2016-winter 2017 , Volume - , Number 12 ; Page(s) 137 To 168.

The Function of Prison from the Perspective of the Theories of the Sociology of the Punishment

Author(s):  Esfandiyari bahr aseman mohammad saleh, JAVAN JAFARI ABDOLREZA
After establishing prison in the early 19th century, the intellectuals and experts of the criminal justice were so optimistic about this new punishment. It seemed humanitarian in comparison to the former punishments, but it did not last long that the criticisms about it were started. Prisons from the beginning confronted problems and the passing of time, the difficulties became more visible. Today, the prison population has generated a global crisis and the philosophers and criminologists’ strategies to solve this difficulty have not created consequences. Besides prisons not being successful in achieving their results like educating and rehabilitative programs and also the crime rate reduction, they have also changed into a problem. Because of existent difficulties, the main question is why the criminal justice systems insist on using prisons. It seems that it should be observed punishments especially prison penalties from the other angle. The present paper is to analyze and examine the prison penalty can be the solution key for a lot of existent problems from a criminal-sociological view. It tries to study the reasons of the continuity of prisons from the different attitudes. Based on these approaches, they regard as an institution that they continue for their specific functions; although they are practically failed to achieve their considered goals from the point of the philosophical and criminological view.
Keyword(s): The establishment of prisons,The continuity of prisons,Functionalism,Punishment and social solidarity,Punishment and technologies of power
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