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Journal:   CRIMINAL LAW DOCTRINES   fall 2016-winter 2017 , Volume - , Number 12 #l00561; Page(s) 35 To 63.

The Criminological Approach to Impersonation for Committing Fraud in the Modern Banking

Author(s):  Mir Muhammad Sadeghi Hussain, AZARI MATIN AFSHIN
Impersonation is a kind of fraud and Information Technology (IT) has facilitated its commitment. Impersonation in cyberspace is abusing the incapability of the computer to recognize computer users without fault. One of the methods is to use password for entering to the banking systems. Because the computer can only recognize the correct password as the identification license; so it is impossible to recognize lawful users from unlawful ones, therefore, offenders do not stole identity in reality. But they use identity as a tool to act unlawful activities. In other word, Impersonation is a kind of IT applications and it is an entrance to commit other crimes. One of these cases which contains financial and economic aspect is withdrawing money from bank accounts by using data theft. The main problem is that the security data theft of It users and especially modern banking users has not been criminalized and there is no independent offence as Impersonation in cyberspace. It has caused no independent research to have been done for the etiology of this crime. This note with highlighting the existing legal gap with descriptive-analytic method and through the methods used for committing impersonation crime is going to study criminological features of impersonation in two forms status causes and social causes and presented methods to control this crime.
Keyword(s): The modern banking,Deception,Impersonation,Fraud,Password
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