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Journal:   TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT   fall 2017 , Volume 6 , Number 3 (12) ; Page(s) 154 To 176.

Analyzing the role of facilities and ifrastructures of tourism on tourists’ loyalty and interest for Revisit (Case study: rural regions of Savojbalagh)

For tourism managers, exploration of ways of reaching the goals of tourism industry can be a reference point in planning tourism development. The present study is an applied research and its analyzing method is descriptive-analytic and survey. Aim of the study is analyzing the effect of facilities and substructures of tourism on tourists’ loyalty and interest for further visit in rural regions of Savojbalagh. To this end, t-test in SPSS software has been used. Modeling structural equation in AMOS software was applied to distinguish variables and indicative factors of facilities and sub structures of tourism and its effect on tourists’ loyalty and interest for further visit and considering the theoretical bases of the research, structural model was set out. The sample size was calculated 200 people by Gpower software. The results demonstrate that the tourists’ point of view is not satisfied with the facilities and substructures of tourism. The findings of modeling structural equations indicate that the effect of hidden factor of tourism substructures on loyalty interest on tourists’ further visit is significant with factor analysis of 0. 74. the significant level of 0. 002 for the effectiveness shows avocation of empirical data from the relation between two forenamed indices in significant level of 95%.
Keyword(s): tourism infrastructure,tourists' satisfaction,Loyalty,Savojbolagh County,Alborz State
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