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Journal:   NEGAREH   summer 2017 , Volume 12 , Number 42 #g00650; Page(s) 123 To 141.

A Comparative Study oftheMiraj of Muhammad in Persian Paintings and the Ascension of Jesus in Christian Paintings

The Miraj (Night journey) of Muhammad and the ascension of Jesus are of the most important themes of religious Persian and Christian paintings. The purpose of recounting the ascension of these two prophets in Quran is to honor and exalt their characters as well as to imply to a part of the unlimited divine power. The most important common subject of their ascension is that they ascended with their bodies and souls while they were awake. Methodology involved in this paper is analytical-comparative and its data is collected through library sources and observation of paintings to study the paintings of the ascension of Muhammad and Jesus with regard to the visual and structural elements to identify the aspects of similarity and difference as well as the possibility of mutual influences. One of the main goals of this article is to identify relations between Islamic and Christian arts. Lack of attention to the religious paintings and common themes in the art history of religions makes this study essential. The results of this study show that the structural and visual similarities have not merely originated from the somewhat common theme of ascension, but taking into accountthe later dates of some of the Miraj paintings, emphasizes the possibility that they were created, influenced by the visual elements of the Christian paintings. Despite the fact that most Persian Miraj paintings were influenced by the Christian paintings, in several cases paintings of Ascensionreflect a mutual influence from some of the Miraj paintings in depiction of the Ascension with regard to the elements and composition.
Keyword(s): Ascension (Miraj),Persian Painting,Christian Paining,Muhammad (PBUH),Jesus
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