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Journal:   NEGAREH   summer 2017 , Volume 12 , Number 42 ; Page(s) 111 To 121.

A Study of Unusual Elements in the Paintings of the Great Ilkhanid Shahnameh

Great IlkhanidShahnameh is the beginning of a great movement of Iranian painting. However, the Shahnameh has seen several changes over time and identifying these changes will enable researchers to prevent incorrect interpretations on this work and the history of Iranian art. In this regard, to identify the damages on the body of the Shahnameh, caused byits repair and sell at different times, this study has reviewed the remaining pages and provided the explanation of damages and changes, using descriptive-analytical method as well as the comparison of painting elements, based on libraryresources andthe study of paintingstoadditionally determinethe type and volume of these changes. The main question is with regard to the qualities and causes of the presence of someunusual and unfamiliar elements inseveral images of the Shahnameh. According to the research data and analysis of the above mentioned examples, results show that the damages inflicted during the restoration and repair, include changing the margins, adding heterogeneous elements to images. Style of the paintingsin Qajar era restoration and damages of unbinding and disruption of the structure of paintings and pages, and the improper completion of paintings belong to George Demottes’ period.
Keyword(s): Great IlkhanidShahnameh,Writing the Shahnameh,Iranian Painting,Restoration,Pathology
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