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Journal:   NEGAREH   summer 2017 , Volume 12 , Number 42 ; Page(s) 83 To 97.

The Study of the Influence ofthe Safavid Era Carpets onAnimal Motifs in Murals of the PirniaHouse

Author(s):  Rashidi Reyhaneh, Shokrpour Shahryar
Carpets of the Safavid era, which were often the products of royal workshops, contain various motifs that animal motifs are one of the most widely used cases. Pirnia house of Nain is also one of the royal palaces contemporaneous to this era, which has beautiful murals as well as animal motifs similar to carpets of the Safavid era. By using an analytic-descriptive method, library resources, field studies and analysis of the obtained images, the present research tries to identify, classify, analyze and compare animal motifs of murals of Pirnia house and four examples of Safavid carpets, and tries to find the answer to the following questions: 1. Which are the animal motifs, common to the murals of the Nain Pirnia house and the carpets of the Safavid era? 2. How much have animal motifs in the murals been influenced by the carpets of the Safavid era? 3. What was the connection between the designers of carpets and murals of the Nain Pirnia house? Considering many commonalities between the animal motifs of these two, which have been repeated identically in both cases, as well as similarity in the form, the use of the same spacing and dynamic representation style, it seems that animal motifs in murals of Pirnia house have been influenced by animal motifs of Safavid carpets, for which the career relationship between the miniature painters, carpet designers and painters of the murals and their simultaneous presence in the royal workshops can be considered as the main reason, so thatit seems that both of them have been designed by a single team.
Keyword(s): Animal Motifs,Mural,Carpets,PirniaHouse,Nain,SafavidEra
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