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Journal:   NEGAREH   spring 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 45 ; Page(s) 116 To 125.

Review and Study of Newfound Golden Potteries in Aveh

Author(s):  lashkari arash*
Considering the priority of time, obtained potteries in Aveh cover prehistory and pre-Islamic and Islamic eras, most of which belong to the Ilkhanid period. One of the main objectives of this research, along with introducing and analyzing the paintings of the Aveh's lusterware, is the recognition of the production origin of such containers in this district. The main research questions are as follow: What are the main decorative drawings on the Aveh's lusterware? How much similarities and differences exist between decorative drawings on the Aveh's lusterware and the patterns of decorative paintings on the potteries belong to other parts of Iran? Results show that decorative paintings on the Aveh’ s lusterware could be divided into human, animal, herbal ad geometric patterns. Despite the similarities of these patterns with the other pottery-making centers, and contrary to differences in women's face including discrete eyebrow, more fitness in face, wearing a special kind of crown by them, and existence of a blue light of corona around them, and, furthermore, finding the traces of pottery production in this area such as boiling furnace, indicate that most probably, Ave can be regarded as the main center of producing such monuments. We hope this investigation starts a new way towards the outspread realm of producing lusterware in Iran. This research has been constructed using descriptive-analytical methodology and based on library and field studies.
Keyword(s): The Ilkhanids,Aveh,lusterware
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