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Journal:   NEGAREH   spring 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 45 ; Page(s) 104 To 115.

Historical and comparative assessment of artistic and technical features of wooden doors of Khurasan Museum

Author(s):  sheikhi alireza, Tondi Ahmad, samanian samad
Among the wooden works of the Holy Shrine’ s collection there have been doors That are transferred to the store of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Khorasan in the tomb of Ferdowsi with the implementation of the expansion of the shrine in the various periods. That works has been transferred to Mosalla collection and in recent years to the Kurasan museum, following the store fire in 2012 AM and burning part of the doors. Studies show that there is an inscription on the the door of Balasar school, according to the findings of Bernard Okin and other three doors have decorative motives only. The doors are not historical inscriptions and the main question is about the historical assessment wooden doors at the Museum of Greater Khorasan relying on the technical and artistic works. Comparative studies of historical documents, The study was based on the hypothesis that the works made during Shahrukh e timuri period. It became clear after scrutiny that helps to find solution in the confirmation of hypothesis the similarities between the decorative elements and inscription on the Balasar school door and decorations on the other three doors with the tile elements Ghoharshad mosque, Shah mosque, Ghiasiye Khargherd school and Tomb of Sheikh Abu Bakr e Taybadi, also the door of azqhad Jame mosque, the box of Mashad Virani museum and the door of Balasar mosque as works in the field of architectural decoration Timurid era. This study was done using descriptive, comparative and analytical methods in two parts. Firstly, analyzing and comparing of style of writing of Balasar school door's inscription and secondly similarities studying of decorative elements doors with decorative architecture ( in two part: tile and wood) of outstanding works in shahrukh period. Data collection is based on field study and photos collected by author. With comparative study of the three sections of this article resulted in the history of wooden doors of Balasar school's, preserved in the Khurasan Museum built in the first three decades of the 9th century
Keyword(s): Timurid period,Kurasan museum,Wooden doors,Tiling,inscriptions,Motif and decorations
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