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Journal:   NEGAREH   spring 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 45 #f00648; Page(s) 88 To 103.

Research on introducing manuscript miniatures of Divan-e-hafiz in Princeton library

Author(s):  SHAFIGHI NEDA, Dadvar Abolghasem
Because of complex ambiguities, non-explicit meaning and different interpretation facilities of Hafiz poems, have few visual capabilities than other lyrics of Persian poets. Therefore a few number of illustrated manuscripts of his Divan is available and major examples are also belong to the Safavid era and after it. The main issue in this study is Introduce and study one of these exquisite and obsolete example that created in 926 AH and is now keep in library of Princeton University in America. This valuable manuscript has 6 miniatures that the aim of this paper is to explore the interactions between poetry and images and also Accuracy in visual features. The method of study is descriptive-analytic and Information collected through library resources and direct observation. The results in answer to the general question "How are the qualities of the visual elements of miniatures in relation to the lyrics? " show: Painters as far as possible with common contractual practices, has shown his loyalty to the lyrics. He utilizes spiral arrangement of human elements, selection of symbolic color and allegorical space, trying to instill picture in accordance with the mystic terms of Hafez's poems and has created the visual space fits with the theme by repeating symbolism and forms in similar topics.
Keyword(s): Miniature,Manuscript,Divan-e-Hafiz,Princeton Library,Safavi era
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