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Journal:   NEGAREH   spring 2017 , Volume 12 , Number 41 ; Page(s) 80 To 93.

Analysis of theInscriptions as Advertising Media in Persian Architecture

Author(s):  Taghizade Aleme, ALIMOHAMMADI ARDAKANI JAVAD
This study seeks to analyze the inscriptions as advertising media in Persian architecture. The purposes of the study areanalysis and recognition of the importance of inscriptions as advertising media, recognition of the visual potentials of writing and their function in architecture, and the analysis of status of inscription as an advertising medium in Persian architecture. With regard to the study, these questions arise: What was the status of the writing (inscriptions) in Iranian architecture? In what ways can this art form be used to convey concepts and transfer information as an advertising medium? What significance does the art of inscription have in Iranian architecture as a medium? The present study seeks to answer the abovementioned questions, using descriptive-analytical method, based on library sources. The statistical population includes all architectural inscriptionsin Iran, and using selective sampling method, the data is analyzed qualitatively. The results indicate that important historical information lies within inscriptions, which plays a notable role in storing, transferring information, thoughts and ideas as an advertising medium. The inscriptions in Persian architecture are in accordance with the terms of bio-architecture and reflect their contemporaneous social, religious and cultural conditions, and play a decisive role in the cultural context and religious propaganda in the society.
Keyword(s): Advertising Medium,Persian Architecture,Inscription,Religious Propaganda,Writing
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