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Journal:   NEGAREH   spring 2017 , Volume 12 , Number 41 ; Page(s) 67 To 79.

Typology Of Rural Home Decorations Of Esfahan In Qajarid Era

Author(s):  Karimian Hassan, Ahmadi Abbasali
Wall surfaces can undoubtedly be considered the most available representations of peoples’ thoughts in the past, which is why wall murals and other decorations in monuments are regarded as unique cultural pieces of evidence of past eras. This analytical-descriptive article aimed at studying Qajarid home decoration patterns which were identified in rural areas around Esfahan. This research also intends to answer the following questions: What are the decoration types of rural houses in Qajarid era and what concepts do they reflect? Since many rural monuments of Qajarid era are deserted and their decorations are prone to destruction, their introduction, typology and content analysis can draw authorities’ attention and consequently help preserve them as cultural pieces of evidence. The results of this study indicate that home decorations of rural areas around Esfahan depend on many factors including residents’ beliefs, cultural features, social status, budget, and how they made their living. Although folk and native art, like decorations of rural houses may not be of high visual and artistic quality, they proved to be beneficial in the study of cultural atmosphere of rural areas around Esfahan in Qajarid era.
Keyword(s): Qajarid Houses,Esfahan Villages,Decorations Related to Architecture,Tong bori,Shirsar
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KARIMIAN, H., & AHMADI, A. (2017). Typology of Rural Home Decorations of Esfahan in Qajarid Era. NEGAREH, 12(41 ), 67-79.

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KARIMIAN, H., AHMADI, A., 2017. Typology of Rural Home Decorations of Esfahan in Qajarid Era. NEGAREH, [online] 12(41 ), pp.67-79. Available:

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