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Journal:   ETHICS   summer 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 26 (48) ; Page(s) 111 To 134.

Relationship between Moral Intelligence and Dimensions of the Confidence Building Offered by the Administrators of Islamic AZAD University of Qom

Author(s):  Fazlollahi Ghomeshi Seifollah, KARIMIAN HOSSEIN
AIM: The aim is to indicate the relationship between moral intelligence with confidence building of managers. Method: The method in terms of purposes is applied one and the method of data collection is descriptive – correlation. The population includes the Qom Islamic Azad University administrators and the sample of 84 people who were selected randomly based on Morgan & Krejce table. Instruments for gathering data, include two standard questionnaires of moral intelligence links& Kill with the four components, integrity, responsibility, forgiveness and compassion and reliability 86/0, & dimensions restore confidence Ismaili and colleagues with, confidence in the firm, based Honesty, inclusive, sustainable, and Interaction with reliability 82/0 by Cronbach's alpha To analyze the data, used descriptive and inferential statistics for the PEIRSON correlation and T test for two significant extent variable. Results: The results showed: 1. there is a significant positive relationship between Moral Intelligence and administrators restore confidence at the level of 0. 99. 2. there is positive and significant relationship between moral intelligence and unwavering confidence, trust-based Honesty, Comprehensive Reliance, Sustainable Reliance and moral intelligence of trust in the level of confidence 99/0. Conclusion: Having university administrators of moral intelligence pave the way for building trust and assured improves competitive advantage and satisfaction improvement and consequently "more the survival and improved performance.
Keyword(s): moral intelligence,restore confidence,administrators,Islamic Azad University of Qom Branch
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