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Journal:   ETHICS   fall 2016 , Volume 6 , Number 23 (45) ; Page(s) 57 To 88.

A Glance at the Components of a Curriculum in the Book of Mafatih al-Hayat by Ayatollah Javadi Amoli

The aim of this study is to determine the elements of the curriculum based on Mafatih Al-Hayat Ayatollah by Javadi Amoli. This research was conducted using qualitative approach with descriptive-analytic method and by using the available resources tries to describe and analyze the elements of the curriculum in Mafatih's Al-Hayat. In this regard، according to the definitions of the elements of the curriculum، the four elements of the objectives، content، methods and evaluation as fundamental components of curriculum development were selected. Then the book Mafatih al-Hayat was reviewd in order to identify the subjects which can be applied in curriculum implementation، from the book which is full of Islamic concepts. The research results showed that the important goals which should be considered in education، includ the goals of cognitive، social، political، economic، biological، ethical and thelogical ones. These goals can be achieved through the teaching of religious subjects، such as Quran، Hadith، Fiqh، religious poetry، social skills، religious laws، craft، sport and healthy recreation، physical and mental health and environmental health. Also، the notions such as reflection، scientific dialogue، discussion، forming academic institutions، consulting and tourism are emphatically used as teaching methods. Finally، the fourth important element، namely the evaluation component، focuses on leniency and tolerance and avoiding a crackdown on learners.
Keyword(s): Mafatih Al-Hayat,Ayatollah Javadi Amoli,curriculum elements
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