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Journal:   ETHICS   fall 2016 , Volume 6 , Number 23 (45) #L00563; Page(s) 39 To 56.

Structure of Moral Propositions from the Perspective of Avicenna

One of the ontological issues discussed in the philosophy of Ethics is the question about the structures of ethical propositions. That means، it is discussed about whether the sentence like: “ telling the truth is good. ” is declarative or exclamatory. Does human being discover the goodness of telling the truth or he makes it good? The present study، investigating the Avicenna’ s works using a descriptive-analytic method، proves that، based on some of his ideas like the the dependence of moral rules on Shariah and the popularity of ethical propositions، he supported the idea that man is the one creating ethical propositions. However، some of his other opinions such as: placing the title of ethics in the category of philosophy and also believing in the arguablity of ethical propositions، prove that he supported the nonobjectivity of ethical propositions. Based on all his opinions، one can conclude that his arguments supporting the objectivity of ethical propositions are stronger.
Keyword(s): Ethical Propositions,Production,Discovery,Ethical Realism,Ethical non,Realism,Ethical Ontology,Avicenna
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