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Journal:   ETHICS   summer 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 26 (48) #b00513; Page(s) 47 To 62.

Simple and multilateral Relationship between personality traits, Mental Health with forgiveness

Author(s):  Babaee Mohammad Mahdi*, KHALEGHKHAH ALI, ABILI KHODAYAR
The main aim of this article is the relation between personality traits and mental health with forgiveness. According to the nature of the subject and its aims, the research is implemented with the survey method of correlation. The statistical population includes the students of Mohaghegh Ardebili University. The data sample encompasses 161 students of the university which have been selected by means of Convenient Sampling. To gather data, we have utilized “ Goldberg's General Health” Questionnaire (1972), NEO and “ Forgiveness in the Family” questionnaire. To analyze data, after recording them by SPSS 19, we used Pearson Correlation Coefficient and Multiple Linear Regression at the same time. The findings show that there is a meaningful and effective relation between Personality traits, e. g. Extroversion, Agreement, Openness and conscientious, and Forgiveness. On the contrary, other characters, e. g. psychoneurosis, don’ t have any correlation with Forgiveness. There is a deep concord between Mental Health and Forgiveness as the research expresses. Regression analysis showed that Mental Health and personality traits predict students' forgiveness.
Keyword(s): Forgiveness,Personality traits,Mental Health,students,Moral
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