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Journal:   TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT   spring 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 41 To 60.

Prioritizing Organizational Performance Management Criteria for the Hotel Industry Based on Fuzzy Delphi Integrated Approach and Logarithmic Fuzzy Logic Programming (LFPP)

Each organization has missions and goals set up to achieve them, and it has responsibilities to ensure that the goals are achieved. One of these tasks is to put the organization in line with its goals and strategies. For this purpose, a functional management model is needed that includes criteria and components appropriate to the organization's requirements. Of course, different models for organizational performance management have been provided by the thinkers of this field, which organizations should use in accordance with their mission, structure and type of organization, so hotels are not excluded from this rule. And they should look for a model with the appropriate criteria for their particular characteristics. Regarding this issue, in the present study, by first reviewing articles, researches, books and various sources, criteria for managing organizational performance in the hotel industry were extracted in three general categories of propulsion, dimensions and performance results. Then, these criteria were given to the experts and through the Delphi fuzzy method and in four stages, 35 criteria were approved and finalized. In order to prioritize the criteria, the logistic-fuzzy preferential programming approach was used and all the criteria were weighed and prioritized.
Keyword(s): Performance concept,Performance management criteria,Performance Management in hotel industry,Fuzzy Delphi method,Logistic Fuzzy Preference Programming (LFPP)
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