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Journal:   TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT   spring 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 118 To 134.

Analyze and evaluate the Environment effects of tourism projects in the Safaieh of Khoy city

* mohaghegh ardabili
The purpose of this research is to assess possible environmental impacts in order to plan for the organization of tourism areas in Safaei Khoy area. This is accomplished by balancing the element of man, space and activity, if the three elements are balanced and coordinated in planning, then the velocities of the changes and the reduction of negative effects in both the construction phase and the In the phase of exploitation, tourism projects will increase. This is a way to increase awareness of environmental values and can be used as a means of financing the natural areas and increasing their economic importance. To assess the impacts of the tourism project in the study area, three macro criteria (environmental, economic, social and cultural) were defined that identified for each of them the criteria that reflect the effects of tourism development. In the next stage, a questionnaire was developed for assessing the effects and was completed by 32 academic and executive experts. The information analysis model is a modified Leopold model based on the region's conditions. The results of the research showed that if the projects of the tourism project in Safaeieh region were implemented, the emphasis was on providing improvement projects in which the project had destructive consequences but had no significant negative effects.
Keyword(s): Environmental Evolution,Tourism project,Safaieh,Leopold model
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