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Journal:   TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT   spring 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 135 To 155.

Investigating the Factors affecting the Incentives of event tourists in Choosing tourism destinations and Its effect on tourists' loyalty (Case study: Qamsar and Niasar Rose Festival)

Author(s):  SHATERIAN MOHSEN*, KIANI SALMI SEDIGHEH, Sheikhzadeh Fatemeh
* Department of Geography, Faculty of Natural Resources and Earth Sciences, University of Kashan
in addition to Today, recognizing tourism attractions for the tourism development in each region, recognizing the tourists characteristics is also necessary. An influential feature is the tourists motivation to travel to specific areas. Events that occur in a tourism destination, including cultural-artistic festivals, sporting events and ritual festivals are one of the important factors for attracting tourists. The Cultural and Ritual Festival of Rose held in the mountain regions of Kashan in the spring annualy And attracts thounds of tourist. In this research, effective indicators have been identified in the motivations of tourists, tourists' loyalty and comparison of the mentioned indices in Qamsar and Niasar. The method was descriptive-analytical and surveying, the data were collected by questionaire and were modelling and analyzed by Spss & Amos software. The results indicated that the six investigated variables showed semantic relationship by the tourists' motivation highly, which are respectively: Shopping; new experience and cultural festival; social and enjoyment; enjoying the nature of the area and relax. Also, the tourists motivation with their loyalty showed a good meaning with a regression weight of 0. 65. The results of the T test between two independent samples showed that the indices of enjoying the nature of the area, the new experience and the loyalty of tourists has a higher mean in the Qamsar city.
Keyword(s): Tourist motivation,loyalty rate,Rose festival,Tourism destinations,Event tourism
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