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Journal:   CIVIL AND PROJECT JOURNAL   2019 , Volume 1 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 53 To 72.

Investigating the Impact of Building Information Modeling (BIM) On the Labor productivity of construction projects using fuzzy logic

Author(s):  Farzamfar Allahyar*, GHORBANI ALI
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What criteria can be used to describe the importance of BIM technology for the construction community is still a controversy among the experts in the science of project management. Whether BIM is merely a facilitator of work or an intrinsic need for a project is a debate that has engendered the field of project management in recent years. This research is a continuation of this discourse. In this research, a model based on the theory of fuzzy sets has been presented to evaluate the risk reduction of productivity in construction projects (coupled with BIM) under the influence of uncertainties. In this proposed model, six types of risk have been investigated. This approach enhances the flexibility of the proposed method in modeling real projects. Before proposing a method, ultimately, an algorithm for determining a slight increase in the efficiency of a project, A method for determining the impact of risks on time and manpower has been proposed. The ultimate goal in this study is to transform qualitative concepts into quantitative quantities So that experts get a deeper understanding of the importance of BIM. Fuzzy logic along with artificial intelligence are the right tools to direct conceptual research to Palpable quantities. In a literal sense The numerical values obtained at the end of the work will ultimately provide an idea to follow the productivity path of the BIM-compliant projects. What risks are more effective in reducing manpower productivity, how to influence time in productivity, and to provide a method for transforming mental accumulations into numbers and one's awareness.
Keyword(s): Productivity,Building Information Modeling,Human Resources,Fuzzy Logic
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