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Journal:   CIVIL AND PROJECT JOURNAL   2019 , Volume 1 , Number 1 #l00562; Page(s) 39 To 52.

Investigating the Factors Affecting Reduction of Construction Waste Production in Massive Projects Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s):  mhyapour mohsen*, GHORBANI ALI
* Payame Noor University Department of…kraj
The present study was conducted to investigate the reduction factors of construction waste in folding logistic projects in Sirjan city. The statistical population of this research includes contractors and engineers and all factors related to construction. The sample consists of 86 people who were selected by simple random sampling method. The instrument used in this research is a researcher-made questionnaire and a 9-factor questionnaire fuzzy ahp. Five hypotheses are the modernization of the construction industry. Proper design and consistent adaptation to changing needs. Proper storage and transportation methods and the use of recyclable materials, which proved these assumptions. An expert questionnaire has been reviewed to prioritize these hypotheses, and the criteria for each of their hypotheses have been identified. The results showed that storing and transportation of first and second rank and proper design and updating of the construction industry and the use of recycled materials are respectively from the highest to the lowest priority, and according to the criteria according to the type of order and fit with the climate conditions, the lack of coordination in the design and Implementing and using industrial methods and reuse of recyclable materials are more important than other components of their group. Once priorities are identified, management can make better decisions and plans to reduce construction waste, as well as information from well-known experts who use the system as A decision support system.
Keyword(s): construction waste"," Fuzzy Logic","Mass production
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