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Journal:   ETHICS   summer 2016 , Volume 6 , Number 22 (44) ; Page(s) 273 To 310.

Educational Implications Derived from Gender Differences Observed in the Teachings of Islam

Author(s):  Shafiyoun Mahnaz*
The relationship between men and women existed from the beginning of creation and the human being has gained much of his knowledge about his gender identity in relationship with his opposite sex. Thus، it can be said that the concept of gender and the differences between men and women has always been the subject of attention within all societies. The present study using the exalted teachings of Islam is seeking to derive the proper messages out of the sex differences considered by Islam in education، since these teachings are devoid of any deviation and can be regarded as the best means for taking human being to the salvation. For this purpose، the Quranic verses and Imams' sayings in this regard were collected and analyzed. There are some differences considered by Islam with regard to the sex differences. These differences not only are considered as discrimination between men and women، but also can lead to the establishment of a healthy atmosphere for both individual and social life of people. In interpreting the sex differentiating imposed by Islam، the natural distinctions existing between men and women and their different duties and other expediencies should be noted so that the borderline between discrimination and natural differences is clarified. Such differences can lead to the formation of different duties and functions which can have outstanding consequences in the education process.
Keyword(s): Gender differences,educational outcomes,gender based education
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