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Journal:   ETHICS   summer 2016 , Volume 6 , Number 22 (44) #r00464; Page(s) 131 To 163.

The Evaluation of Professional Ethics and its Constituents among the Teachers of State Male Primary Schools in Tehran

Author(s):  Hajkhazime Mojtaba*
The root of many of the behaviors and activities of the principals and teachers in the schools should be probed based on ethical and moral values. Meanwhile، attention to professional ethics and its implications are the basic researching issues in the organizational areas. The present work tries to evaluate the professional ethics and its components among the teachers working in state male primary schools in Tehran. The method of the research is descriptive and the type is correlation. The population includes all teachers in state male primary schools in Tehran which includes a population of 7848. 366 people were selected through Kukran sample making formula; sampling was done through cluster and class methods. To collect the data، a researcher-made questionnaire for professional ethics and to determine the validity of the questionnaire the content and construct validity were used. The reliability of the questionnaire was evaluated using Cronbach's alpha coefficient، professional ethics، "0. 94". The results showed that: 1. All the components of professional ethics were above average in all aspects، except for justice component that was equal to the average hypothesis of this research. 2. Male and female teachers of the same professional ethics as well as professional ethics of teachers based on field of study، degree، age and work experience differences are not significant but there are significant differences by region.
Keyword(s): professional ethics,male elementary schools teachers,assessment
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