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Journal:   ETHICS   summer 2016 , Volume 6 , Number 22 (44) ; Page(s) 99 To 130.

The Relationship between Socio-moral Responsibility and Belief in a Just World and Belief in an Unjust World among University Students

Author(s):  GOLPARVAR M.*, Jamshidian m.h.
The purpose of this research was to determine the relationship between socio-moral responsibility and belief in a just world and belief in an unjust world. Research method was correlation، statistical population was the students of Islamic Azad university of Najafabad and Esfahan (Khorasgan) branches، and sample group consisted of 374 students (male and female) which were randomly selected with the use of two stage sampling. Sampling was done in a way that in the first، two classes were selected from each department، and then with respect to male and female students at both universities، the final sample was randomly selected. Research questionnaires were socio– moral responsibility scale (Collin، 2006)، belief in a just world for self and others questionnaire (Sutton & Douglas، 2005)، belief in an unjust world questionnaire (Dalbert et al، 2001) and general belief in a just world questionnaire (Dalbert، 2001). Data were analyzed using Pearson's correlation coefficient and regression analysis. The results showed that there are significant relationships between some dimension of socio-moral responsibility and some aspects of belief in a just world and belief in an unjust world. The results of regression analysis showed that only belief in a just world for others has significant predictive power for the prediction of responsibility toward promise and total socio-moral responsibility.
Keyword(s): socio-moral responsibility,belief in a just world,belief in an unjust world,university students
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