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Journal:   ROSHD-E-FANAVARI   spring 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 58 #g00648; Page(s) 39 To 48.

A Pattern for Promotion of the New Product Development Success Based on Customer Involvement Capability, Customer Knowledge Absorption and Resources Slack

Author(s):  Veshkaeinezhad sadaf, Ebrahim pour Azbary Mostafa*, DOUSTAR MOHAMMAD
Todays, product development has faced the dramatically growth, due to the rapid changes in customers’ demands, needs and the competitiveness of the market. Success in new product development requires a deep understanding of our customers. And this necessitates an interactive and active interaction with them. New product development is a way to listen to what customers want and also, to response their needs. Creating customer participation capability causes innovative and practical ideas and enhances firms’ competitive environment. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is investigating the effect of customer involvement capability on the success of the new product development. Also, this research attempts to develop previous researches by considering the effect of customer knowledge assimilation as a mediating variable and the moderating role of resources slack of company. This article is practical in term of purpose and descriptive in term of method. Questionnaire is used to collect the data. And 30 knowledge-based companies in Rasht city participated in this research. In order to test the hypotheses, the Structural Equation Modeling approach has been used. The research findings show that the customer participation capability directly and indirectly through the absorption of customer knowledge affects the success of the new product development; however, the role of resources slack as a moderated variable is not confirmed by the relation between customer knowledge assimilation and the success of new product development. Hence, knowledge-based companies need to pay particular attention to knowledge assimilation and customer involvement capability in order to succeed in new product development. As a result, they can possess an appropriate competitive position in the marketplace.
Keyword(s): Customer Involvement Capability,New Product Development Success,Knowledge Absorption,Resources Slack
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