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Journal:   ETHICS   summer 2016 , Volume 6 , Number 22 (44) ; Page(s) 9 To 41.

Moral Foundations Monitoring Muslim Spouses’ s Behaviors in the Quran (Based on Related Psychological Issues)

Important issues such as the proper relationships between the spouses in marriage and in various aspects، including behavioral dimension، are of necessary cultural needs of each society for the protection of the family to which both science and religion have paid attention. Also، certain foundations and characteristics in both areas have been suggested for this topic. This research aims to study the ethical principles suggested by the Quran for regulating the behaviors of Muslim spouses. In this paper، using the deductive-analytic method، the good companionship or as the Quran says، socializing with Ma’ ruf، was selected as the pivotal ethical principle suggested by the Quran for treating the spouses. This principle can contain all the spouses’ s treatment towards each other. Also in this paper it has been concluded that all the spouses’ behaviors can be a subset of the three concepts of reverence، negligence and opposition each of which is considered an ethical principle by itself.
Keyword(s): Base,Ethics,Behavior,Spouses,Quran
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