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Journal:   ROSHD-E-FANAVARI   winter 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 57 #b00512; Page(s) 77 To 84.

Identification and Analysis of the Main Strategic Components Affecting the Failure of Knowledge-Based Companies in Iran (The Case Study: Technology and Science Park of Kermanshah City)

Author(s):  Gholami Donya*, RAMEZANI ALI
It is more than one decade that Iran is trying to get away from Oil economy and approaching to the knowledge-based economy. The government tries to close the university to industry by setting up the technology and science parks. It tries to promote the new technologies by supporting start-ups. Now, we are in a time that many of the start-up companies can grow and produce the Advanced Services and productions. But they have faced with a strategic challenge. This challenge is their problem about selling the products and Knowledge-based services. Indeed, the products and Knowledge-based services are faced with the problem of entry into the business. This research, tries to study the four factors that have the most influence in the failure of companies in sailing, exchanging, and Commercialization of their technologies. We discuss about these challenges and test them in a fieldwork. The results of our research show the reasons of their failure in business are the lack of government interference in facilitating the process of technology exchange, the lack of brand, distrust of industry and State organs and business to Knowledge-based products. Statistical Society is the active technology and science parks in Iran. This model was tested by the trivial squares minimum technique and Smart Plus software.
Keyword(s): Knowledge-based Economy,Technology and Science Parks,Start-up Companies,Small and Medium Enterprises,Commercialization
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