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Journal:   ROSHD-E-FANAVARI   winter 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 57 ; Page(s) 66 To 76.

Ranking General Commodities Suppliers Based on Agility and Core Values Indexes In a Service Organization

Author(s):  JABALE MORTEZA*, HASSAN POUR HOSSEIN ALI, Mosaddegh khah Masoud
Nowadays, the use of supply chain issues and related management play a key role in service organizations. But an organization, is capable of comete the others by not only having Competitive and powerful elements, but also having agility and valuable features. Attending to the agility criteria and improving Institutional Relations based on the organizational value system in required for any service organization and also a part of the necessity of this research. In this article a multi-criteria decision-marking model is used to rank General Commodities Suppliers Based on agility and core values. In this context, after reviewing literature, criteria’ s “ sensitivity and responsiveness to market, keeping and treasury, saving, serving, accuracy, care and self-control and justice” were identified. Result analysis shows that saving and care and self-control are the most effective values in selecting General Commodities Suppliers. After that Criteria’ s “ servant, justice, accuracy, sensitivity and responsiveness to market and keeping and treasury” were next in ranks, then by doing fieldwork appropriate weights for General Commodities Suppliers are reckoned and Based on that Superior supplier was chosen. Finally lashe and Cronbach’ s alpha formula is used to prove the validity and reliability of this research.
Keyword(s): Industrial and Service Organizations,Agility Indexes,Organizational Core Values,Weights General Commodities Suppliers,Multi-Criteria Decision Making
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