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Journal:   ROSHD-E-FANAVARI   winter 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 57 ; Page(s) 54 To 65.

A Model for the Production and Transfer of Technology Based on Intellectual Property

The empowerment of each country in the fields of science and technology requires attention to indigenous knowledge and, of course, the use of the experiences of developed countries in these areas. Therefore, production and technology transfer should be considered together in order to prevent the waste of time and energy, also provide scientific grounds for localization. This is important when the intellectual property of technology transfer, as a supportive power of the technology owner, is also taken into consideration. Because of its importance, in this paper, by presenting a model, we draw a proper path in the production of domestic technology along with the transfer of technology that has been consulted by the elite. The resulting model explains the process of manufacturing and transferring technology from the legislative stage to the product delivery of the technology. In this model four phases of infrastructure, creation, supportive and final are considered. In the infrastructure phase, the legal dimensions of intellectual property laws as well as methods for creating the right conditions for the transfer and production of technology in the Government, Parliament and the Guardian Council are examined. In the phase of creation, the responsibilities assigned to the relevant ministries, as well as the improvement of the power of science and technology parks along with the appropriate direction for them. The supportive phase is a guarantee of the implementation of the law and, in addition, it has a supportive role in creating a suitable platform for technology vendors. Finally, the process of fusing and commercializing technology in the final phase is examined.
Keyword(s): Intellectual Property,Technology Transfer,Manufacturing Technology,Transfer Model,Delphi Method
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