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Journal:   ROSHD-E-FANAVARI   winter 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 57 #b00512; Page(s) 34 To 43.

The Effect of University Education on the Development of woman Entrepreneurship Skills

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of university education on the development of women entrepreneurship skills. This study is an applied research and the method of data analysis is a descriptive – survey study. The statistical population of the research is female graduate students at the Islamic Azad University of Tabriz. Data gathering method in this research, In addition to library studies, a researcher-made questionnaire was developed in the 5-option Likert scale that validity and reliability were confirmed. The results of the questionnaire were obtained using the Cronbach's alpha coefficient of 0. 887 and por Data analyses SPSS and Lizrel software were applied. The results of the research indicate that university education has a significant effect on the development of entrepreneurship skills (personal skills, management skills and technical skills). Also, based on the results of factor load and confirmatory factor analysis, among the variables related to personal entrepreneurship skills, the highest load factor was related to inspirational skills, resilience and perseverance and the lowest factor related to innovation skill. On the other hand, among the variables related to entrepreneurial management skills, the greatest factor is the creation and maintenance of human relationships and the least factor load factor related to negotiation skills and among variables related to entrepreneurial technical skills, the most important factor is the supervisory skill and the assessment of the environment and the lowest factor was the coaching skill.
Keyword(s): Education,Entrepreneurship Education,Entrepreneurship Skills,Personal Skills,Academic Women
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