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Journal:   ROSHD-E-FANAVARI   winter 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 57 ; Page(s) 24 To 33.

Prioritizing and Analyzing Effective Criteria on the Performance of Knowledge-based Organizations with knowledge management Approach (Case Study: Growth Centers and Science and Technology Parks in Tehran)

Today, the success of organizations is based on the strategic management of knowledge. Implementing knowledge management systems faces challenges that will cause the inefficiency of knowledge management in organizations. Hence, identification and rating the effective factors in the successful implementation of knowledge management is one of the essential requirements of knowledge management that was discussed in the current research. Currently, 7 science and technology parks and 1,400 knowledge-based companies in parks are located in Tehran. In the current research, companies located in growth centers and science and technology parks in Tehran were studied. Questionnaire was distributed among 140 knowledge-based companies that they returned 110 questionnaires. In the current research, case study methods and data collection in fieldwork were used. To measure the variables of the research, the instrument of questionnaire using the Likert method was utilized that includes three main factors of the organization, human resources and information technology and 11 criteria as follows: Objects and perspectives, leadership and strategy, knowledge management cycle, application, software, infrastructure, organizational culture and atmosphere, creating financial motivation, encouraging employee morale, benchmarking the best things and performance management. Reliability of the questionnaire, 0.78, was obtained using Cronbach's alpha. Friedman and one sample T-test and fitness of model were studied respectively using SPSS software and LISREL software. As a result, objects and perspectives of the organization can be considered as the most important criterion, and we can refer to the information technology software as the least important criterion.
Keyword(s): Knowledge Management,Knowledge-Based Company,Science and Technology Parks,Growth Center,Effective Key Factors
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