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Journal:   ROSHD-E-FANAVARI   winter 2019 , Volume 15 , Number 57 ; Page(s) 1 To 13.

Iranian Startup Ecosystem and Investigating Interaction Among its Key Actor

Author(s):  KARSHENAS ABBASALI*, Garoosi Mokhtarzadeh nima
The position of innovative businesses in the economy and their role in solving the problems and challenges of the countries is becoming increasingly significant. Some countries, with the timely awareness of the importance and position of these businesses, have been able to help through the proper analysis and consequently the adoption of policies and actions to help shape and grow an appropriate and supportive ecosystem for these businesses. They do. The present study was aimed at describing and reviewing the ecosystem of native Iranian businesses and providing solutions for its development and development. In this regard, by conducting extensive literature studies, the actors of this ecosystem are identified and introduced. Then, considering the importance and vital role of "investors and growers" in improving and accelerating the evolution of the ecosystem, these two key actors and their interactions were analyzed and analyzed. The perceptions of investment groups towards growers, with particular attention to the aspects of the share of growth in emerging companies and the collaboration between growth and investment groups, were extracted and analyzed through a questionnaire. Took Based on the results of the characteristics of the contribution of ecosystem growers to emerging companies, investment groups identify start-up screening factors, entrepreneurship education, and access to counseling by those that growers give the most value to entrepreneurs through them. Findings also show that aspects of the share of growth in emerging companies, which the capitalist groups have high value for them, is the evaluation of startups and entrepreneurship education.
Keyword(s): Startup Ecosystem,Actors,Interactions,Investors
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