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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN DESIGN   fall 2017-winter 2018 , Volume 5 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 27 To 38.

Compiling and prioritizing strategies of construction in Minoo Island according to the environment sustainability

Author(s):  zameni morteza, valibeig nima
Strategic planning is an appliance to overcome environmental crisis which are caused by type of construction that is not consistent with the environment in Minoo Island. In addition to explain role of purposeful planning in order to have explicit perception of environmental changes and exploit upcoming opportunities, effective concepts in construction of Minoo Island will be analyzing by accomplishing this research. Thus, in addition to accordance with needs of day, suitable situation for applying them will be provided and a chart will be created to control activities in the future. It has been tried to collect information using library and field study methods based on scholars’ judgment according to Snow ball sampling technique by questionnaire and AHP hierarchical analysis and via Expert Choice software so as to compile and prioritize strategies of construction in Minoo Island according to the environment sustainability. In this regard, IFE and EFE matrixes are formed, appropriate strategies based on SWOT matrix are determined and will be prioritized via QSPM matrix after identifying internal and external factors and hierarchical analysis. According to QSPM matrix the most prioritized strategy has been achieved as “ constructing tourism towns with approach of environmental stability development” .
Keyword(s): environment sustainability,Minoo Island,strategies of construction
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