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Journal:   ETHICS   spring 2016 , Volume 6 , Number 21 (43) #m00576; Page(s) 241 To 264.

The Relationship between Cultural Factors with Improving Civic Morality in Shahin Shahr

Author(s):  tahmasebi zadeh ramin, GOLESTANI SEYED HASHEM, esmaeili reza
The present study aims to investigate the relationship between cultural factors influencing the ethics of citizenship was in the city of ShahinShahr. The present study statistical society all citizens of the city to count the number of people who 143308 that 71357 males and 71951 females formed. Of sample size is calculated using the formula through the method Cochran 383 random sampling proportional to size was selected. The full questionnaire information collection tool built on the four dimensions of cultural values، norms، beliefs and moral obligations of citizens was that its formal validity and content verification and reliability of structures was carried out by the factor analysis As well as the reliability of instruments was estimated to be 0. 96 Estimated. The results of the research showed that the correlation between cultural factors (r = 0. 654) with the ethics of citizenship was significant in the town. The findings showed that between the values، norms and beliefs of citizens ' moral and cultural factors respectively with (r = 0. 421)، (r = 0. 621) and (r=0. 634) there was a significant relationship. The findings also showed between cultural factors based on gender، marital status، age، education، occupation، ethnicity، length of stay، home state of the difference there is not significant، but the difference between the scores of the ethics of citizenship was significant in terms of length of stay.
Keyword(s): Ethics,Citizenship,Ethics of citizenship,Values,Norms,Beliefs
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