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Journal:   ETHICS   spring 2016 , Volume 6 , Number 21 (43) #m00576; Page(s) 213 To 240.

The study of phenomenological damages internet on the young people's religious believes

Author(s):  SALEHI AKBAR, baradaran kermani maryam
The modern information medias and in the top of them، metaphorical social network، caused to change social processes and influenced the user's manners and ideas. Therefore must be noticed to the role of internet on the young people's ideas and believes that they are an important group of social users. This research try to achieve the role of internet on the young people's religious believes by quality research and phenomenology. Sixty people participated in this research. The information gathered by exploration interview and aimed، selected sampling. The questions of this research are: what are the damages of internet on the young people's religious believes and their religion. What are the solutions for reminding this damages. For gathering information، at first we recorded interview and then analysis them by content analysis We get the results of the research from the words and data. The important damages of internet in this research are: Spread of understanding and illicit relations between young people in face-book، The menace of family structure، deployment of pier houses، early maturity of the young people، dissolute manners، the weakness of religious believes، carelessness in doing Islamic religion duties.
Keyword(s): internet,metaphorical social network,religious believes.Quality research
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