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Journal:   ETHICS   spring 2016 , Volume 6 , Number 21 (43) ; Page(s) 159 To 177.

A review to Rule-Consequentialism

Author(s):  movahedi mohamad javad
Deontological theories are better understood in contrast to Consequentialist theories and are commonly used in moral philosophy to refer to non-Consequentialist moral conceptions. While Consequentialism specify right action based on good consequences، deontologism is claimed that although Goals and means of achieving to them are intrinsically associated with the practice، However، there are other important features that determine the actions are right or wrong. Consequentialism are divided two theories of act and rule Consequentialism both theories are agree that evaluate action based on results and outcomes but، What would be the main criterion for evaluating، are disagree. Based on act-Consequentialism، Review and assess the person's agent or his judgment، the criterion for determining right or wrong action but، Based on rule-Consequentialism، rules and general maxims are determine what to do action is right. In this article، we will examine and evaluate a rule-Consequentialism.
Keyword(s): Consequentialism,rule_Consequentialism,Ethical Maxims,Right,Action
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