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Journal:   ETHICS   spring 2016 , Volume 6 , Number 21 (43) #m00576; Page(s) 9 To 32.

Ways to Control the Mind and Egocentric Thoughts with Emphasis on Islamic Sources

Author(s):  asgariyazdi ali, Ghanbarian Ali
Thoughts and memories cross man''s mind consciously or unconsciously on a regular daily basis aside from the unpleasant and haunting memories that cause significant loss of human power and life، liveliness and energy. Hence، correcting and managing the musings of the self and incoming thoughts has long been an aspiration of human beings. Correcting and controlling things which divert or occupy the mind is very important for concentration in prayer because controlling them will invigorate the mind and help it focus better. This is also the way through which the devil influences man''s mind because man''s mind، not his body، is where the devil infiltrates. The incoming thoughts stimulate the human desires، the desires stimulate the determination and the determination stimulates the intention while the intention stimulates all the limbs and organs of the body. The writer endeavors in this article to investigate، with reliance on Islamic sources، ways to control the mind and prevent the egocentric thoughts.
Keyword(s): incoming thoughts,self,temptations,egocentric thoughts,mental powers,mind
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