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Journal:   THE JUDICIARY’S LAW JOURNAL   summer 2018 , Volume 82 , Number 102 ; Page(s) 129 To 160.

Iranian Criminal Policy against Behaviors Threatening Food Security

Author(s):  KOUSHA JAFAR, Ghorbani Ghalajloo Mehdi*
Food Security has defined as a situation which all people; at all times، have physical، economical and social access to safe، notorious and enough food to procure their notorious demands and food preferences to have a healthy and active life. Achieving the food security became a United Nations’ global concern in the new Sustainable Development Goals since 2030 framework. In this article، we explain the concept and legal foundations of the normative food security as a socio-legal norm in the international acts and Iranian regulations and introduce its sights، examples and legal answers (especially criminalization and repressive penal answers) in the Iranian legislative criminal policy in the context of national public policy under the international acts umbrella’ s that meet the food security in the world with planning، targeting and coordinating. The outcome of this research shows that the Iranian legislative criminal policy for food security protection is incoherent and with a tendency to criminal policies public model، just covers a part of food security’ s modern sense and also does not include the new forms of globalized crimes and terrorism against food security.
Keyword(s): Food Security,Public Policy,Iranian Criminal Policy,International Acts,Criminalization,Penal Answers
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